The bulk tools for PMs have been removed after last update

I used to have a tools menu available to bulk control PMs, but it has been removed after the last update of Discourse.



Any idea how to get it back?

Thanks in advance!

Mine is still available on here? Have you tried safe mode, or updating to the lastest version?


Thanks, the issue is caused by our theme and it is fixed in the safe mode.

I will consult our theme developer with the request to have it fixed.

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@JammyDodger thanks for moving my topic to the right category and I marked the issue as resolved :wink:

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Hey @JammyDodger - I just checked it again and there is something strange going on here. I’m not sure if I can make use of the bulk tools in PM here on Meta, but I am missing the tools there as well:

Please let me know if this is something related to Discourse or a hiccup with our theme.

The bulk tools are available to TL4s, so you wouldn’t see them here on Meta.

As they show up in safe mode on your site I think it’s likely going to be a theme component obscuring them somehow. You can narrow it down using the safe mode options to check just for themes, if that helps?

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