The dot «.» symbol is stripped from a category slug

This isn’t a bug. We don’t put periods in URLs as it can trip up Rail’s mime detection, or make it look like you’re downloading a file. For example virus.exe


If you look at the modal, it reads

Category Slug
[(Optional) dashed-words for url]

Not a problem as long as someone knows what format slugs have.
Not a problem as long as someone knows what is and isn’t a word.

It seems seeing “dashed-words” would be clue enough.
And coders would understand [-a-z]+

But I can’t think of any way things could be made more clear so that everyone would understand what it does.

Slug is like a auto generated stuff under the hood (mainly for topic). It’s the only place where we can change a slug. This is also why it doesn’t show a validation error but changed the string under the hood.

Might be good for adding a validation in client side or server. It’s meant for other languages and often accompanied a slug_generation_method setting of encoded.