The links in the Discourse blog replies looks off

There seems to be a trailing space after the links; the trailing space is not necessary. Does anyone know why the blog makes some links behave like this? I feel as though this is unintended. Thanks.

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Can you share a link?

I can’t reproduce on my phone

Then scroll down to the section where my post and the “Example” section of the post appears and the broken links can be seen (from Apr 6)

I’m sure these broken links actually come from tags, as the original post was a category link:


They are added when a comment is a reply to another post:

I’m not sure if this is a recent issue, but I agree it looks off.


I’m mainly referring to the links generated when you put a tag.
A trailing space is made when a tag/category is mentioned on the blog.


It doesn’t like any hash tag link icons. It is leaving a white space rectangle where the hashtag folder icon is in links to categories or tags.

The whole white rectangle is actually part of the link and clicking it takes you to that category on Meta (in this case, Lounge).


Moved to bug, thanks for the report.

For whomever wants to take this, it appears that our new “hashtag” icons are missing proper styling in the embedded comments stylesheet, including size and color definitions.

Also, I’m not sure if the SVG icon sheet is even present.


I just merged a fix for this:

It’s not perfect, but it would be quite complicated to get the icons and colours working on this standalone page because it doesn’t have access to icons or category or tag data. At the least, it’s not completely broken like it was before.


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