The number of pages indexed by Google is decreasing

Recently, I see that the number of pages indexed in the Google Developer Console is decreasing day by day.

The content created on the forum is created entirely by real users and is 100% original. In the Discourse admin panel, I see that the DAU/MAU ratio is 38%. So I have a very active forum. Does anyone have an idea what the decrease in indexed pages might be? I am using the latest version discourse (3.2.0.beta4-dev)

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If you got down to the “Pages” page, it should have a list of reasons for why pages aren’t indexed. Some reasons (“Page with redirect”, “Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag”, “Alternate page with proper canonical tag”, etc.) aren’t really worth worrying about. But “Crawled - currently not indexed” and “Discovered - currently not indexed” can be scheduled for indexing. I think it’s just Google taking its time indexing stuff. “Server error (5xx)” and “Not found (404)” are usually the result of site downtime and those can be reindexed too.

From a return on investment standpoint, I’m not sure how much is pays to request indexing. Probably doesn’t hurt to do it if you are already looking at the reports. It just feels like pressing the “close door” button in an elevator. Seems as likely as not to be an illusion of control :wink:

The exception, of course, is it the reasons for not indexing a page can be traced back to a problem on your site. In my experience, Google does a good job explaining the problem if it spots one.

There must be kind-of cronjob set somewhere BTS.