The site setting "topic page title includes category" is ignored (again)

@techAPJ there is a regression related to this fix:

Disabling the site setting does not change the display of the category under the topic title.

Tested on Meta and on Try.


Disabling site setting topic page title includes category works as expected for me.

Just to make sure we are on the same page – topic page title includes category setting controls the browser tab title. Is that not getting updated for you after changing the site setting?

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Updated the site setting description to prevent confusion in future.


I tried checking and unchecking the setting and see the title of an URL ( using this tool but the result was always

I would have expected the title to change to The Room Appreciation Topic - Demo (without category)


I am not sure about that site (maybe they are caching the results?), but here is how title looks on try with topic page title includes category disabled.

<title>The Room Appreciation Topic - Demo</title>