The way to go, with a posted video

I know Discourse is for conversations, not for multimedia.
In the industry that our forum is aimed at, a video is sometimes very useful to explain a case.
What is a good way to deal with this?
People, and therefore forum participants, are naturally lazy. I don’t feel like having to explain to enthusiastic participants that they should put it on a (private) YouTube page first, and then put it on Discourse.
Should I increase the video size, and then, together with the other moderators, put the videos somewhere else (eg on YouTube) once a week/month?
What size would you recommend?
How do others do this?

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You have them upload it to common video sharing services and post a link to it here.


Okay, I’m not sure I fully understand you.
You say we shouldn’t allow users to share videos through Discourse at all?
Should we run everything through external video platforms?

Video platforms do a lot more than be a place to store a video file: transcoding, embedding, serving the correct file, and probably other niceties I’m forgetting.

Generally, unless a community has a very specific use case in mind, the way to share videos over the web is via a video platform. :slight_smile:

If you are looking for best practices for uploading directly to Discourse, it’s basically the same advice as any large files.

And if you are looking for a k-rad way to host videos, check out:





Thanks - that looks like a brilliant alternative for those on the Open Source / Collaborative bandwagon!!!

I ‘totally’ had to Google krad though:


@Wimmm yesterday I released a plugin that let’s Discourse users upload videos to Vimeo and YouTube: