Theme component to add a new search source

I’m thinking of developing a theme component to integrate a search engine from another site with my Discourse instance. This search engine has an API that can be queried with the necessary parameters.

The idea is to modify the search dialog to add a checkbox that when it is checked, the search dialog will search on another source:

Is this feasible with a theme component? Or is this plugin territory?
As I’m new in Discourse development, are there any pointers/best practices on how I could achieve this?

Thank you a lot in advance :slight_smile:


If it would work with client side logic, then a theme component is fine. If it requires server side logic to be rendered, then you’d need a plugin.

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Thanks @osioke, that’s what I was thinking too… Any pointers/best practices on how I could achieve this?

I will soon give it a try myself and most probably I will return with more specific questions…

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