Theme component upgrade via rake not working

We have a theme component that we install via the rake command. The plugin and its installation via the rake command works perfectly fine. The upgrade also works perfectly fine when we do it from the Admin UI e.g. /admin/customize/themes/40. The problem arises when we try to upgrade it from the command line with that rake command. The output is exactly as I would expect. However, the changes don’t reflect. Does this look like a bug?

$ rake themes:install -- '--{"discourse-login-modal": {"url": "", "add_to_all_themes": true}}'
discourse-login-modal: is already installed. Updating from remote.

 Installed: 0
 Updated:   1
 Errors:    0
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Providing more details of the issue. Running the rake command for upgrade doesn’t have any visible change to my theme component, but after that the Admin UI thinks that the upgrade has been applied (missed capturing the screenshot).

After a subsequent change in my theme component, the Admin UI is now showing that an upgrade is available, but when applying it I get this warning that my local changes will be overwritten. These changes are exactly what I wanted to apply via the rake install command which didn’t actually apply.


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Hi @markvanlan, thank you for the your work on the rake command to install a theme! Would you know why the upgrade via rake install is not working.

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I will look into this a bit later into this week. I wasn’t aware that the rake command was not working