Theme component's options "spill over" when unsaved

I just updated to 2.6.0.beta6 and wanted to enable the option Auto update when Discourse is updated for my components. Now when I enable it for one component, but don’t click save and then switch to another component the checkmark is ticked for that other option as well! And only when I save for one of the options it becomes unchecked again for those components where I haven’t enabled it already.

The reverse behaviour can be observed when the option is enabled (and saved) for all components and then disabled (but not saved immediately) for one component.

I am aware this is not something crucial, quite the opposite, but I thought maybe there’s something behind this that you want to fix.

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I can reproduce both the issues on my hosted site that’s on the latest Discourse code. Saving the “Auto update” option for one theme does not affect the “Auto update” option for other themes though. The issue could cause confusion, but it’s unlikely to cause the setting to be accidentally enabled or disabled for a theme.

This is only somewhat related to the issue in this topic, but maybe a “You have unsaved” changes modal should be displayed when navigating away from a theme with unsaved changes.


Hello @fkohrt! :wave:

Thank you for the bug report. I pushed a fix for this issue yesterday.