Theme Switcher Component

Hey Discourse Community,

after a lot of requests I share a Theme Switcher component, encapsulated from my Alien Night Theme.
For now, once pressed the button it will switch your theme into a dark mode theme.

Later on I can maybe implement a setting page, where you can define your own global CSS class your theme should switch into.
Or just toggle between the first two themes you allowed for users to choose from…

Installation & Download




If you have feedback or questions, just let me know :slight_smile:


You can let admins select which themes they want to use. We have two different themes and each theme has it own dark mode.

When we click the switch to change light to dark, this component below should have change the logo’s color to light as the opposite. Now it doesn’t work with this switch.

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Ok, I’m not advanced in Discourse modding but I try to implement it.
Help from professional guys are appreciated :smirk: @Johani

Hmm, good point. Not sure how I can make a cross-component-compatibility-mode.
I’ll think about it.
Thanks for the first feedback so far!


Defining the themes in the settings is possible, but will complicate things. The hamburger menu theme selector is a good working example of how you’d change the theme based on ID.


I had some time tonight, so I worked on modifying the hamburger theme selector to toggle between two themes: Header Theme Toggle. Thanks so much for inspiring this with your theme @B-iggy!


Good Morning @awesomerobot ,
oh wow, that was quick :smile:
Much better than I could have done anyways.

I think this topic here is obsolete/redundant then :thinking:


Not necessarily, there are some benefits of switching the CSS rather than switching the entire theme. Everything’s self contained and you don’t need to fully refresh for all the changes to take effect.


Your component might be better with some improvements. I hope you continue to develop :handshake:


Awesome plugin! How can i force it to be in the first place (next to the search bar)?

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Good Morning @szergely
glad to hear you like it :slight_smile:

Instead of changing the code on your end I think it makes sense to have it next to the search icon per default.
So I pushed this change now. Let me know if it’s fine :slight_smile:


Yes now its there! Thank you for the fast support, i really like this light/dark button! :heart_eyes:


Unfortunately I can’t edit my own post at the top :roll_eyes:

Hence the important notice that the preview link got updated:

I pushed a new version and the regular “Update to Latest” was broken, so I reinstalled it :roll_eyes:


Made it wiki, you should be able to update it now :hugs:


When using Dark mode with Sam’s minimal theme, it looks like this:

Also is there any workaround to add an alternative logo? My current one is not readable on dark bg, hence I want to add a inverted one for the dark mode

My theme has lots of hardcoded colors and only works properly with a light color scheme. Open to fixing this but for now it does not work right in dark mode.


Any thoughts about making the bottom smaller? When using additional component, it takes a lot of space in the header. For example I like the dark mode button in this ghost theme at top right:

Can i use this also for the material design theme ?

Is there any way to move the plugin from the header to the drop down user panel?

No trivial way, you would need a new component.

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