There was a problem sending the test email

Hey Guys,
I have tired the related topics before submitting but still could myself.


  • I installed discourse using digitalocean oneclick installer. The website is running under without any problem except the test email configuration.

  • Used Elasticemail to configure the SMTP under discourse setup.

  • When going inside the admin > Email > Settings > Send Test Email, I am getting the below error

“There was a problem sending the test email. Please double-check your mail settings, verify that your host is not blocking mail connections, and try again.”

This is how it looks the Send Test Email screen.

Possible solutions according to different
1. updating app.yml settings
I was confused why the username show as test(Or may this is how it supposed to look) , so by another thread, I was able to go inside app.yml and updated the username based on elasticemail username and api password, and reboot the discourse app) but still face the same issue

2. contacting digital ocean to open up SMTP
Community in discourse has mentioned that DO would have blocked and that is why we are facing this issue. I am waiting for their reply. Is it really to do with DO or with elasticemail? Some asked to do telnet.
Am getting the above. Does it looks correct?

Sorry if this both solution are not supposed for this error. Can someone advice where am missing?

It looks like the port isn’t blocked. Either you have the wrong user password info, or you have not configured elastic email properly.

Thanks Jay for confirming this. In this situation, where should i modify this information?

In app.yml ? or in Admin panel of discourse itself?

The recommended was is to run


But since you didn’t follow the official install instructions, you don’t know that.

Sorry for missing that. so basically redo the whole thing from ?

Whichever the install model, it should allows us to change information from app configuration, correct me .

I believe that you can just run discourse-setup


MAN! THANKS! I just ran this and enter the new details (instead of subdomain, I just use main domain there)

And the test email works too which i can find the log in elasticemail. But it bounce off from their side, I will check with them why is that.


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