Thoughts on getting notification for replies via poll?

(Jesse Perry) #1

What do you think about getting reply notifications when people respond to your poll by voting? I see that as a type of response, and think it should classify as such - but perhaps I’m an outlier on this, so just throwing it out there…

(Mittineague) #2

Ooh, boy, I’m mixed on this.
On the one hand I see the logic, yes, it is a type of "reply"
On the other hand, I’ve seen many posts by members that felt they were getting “too many” Notifications.

I think a lot depends on how active a member is, how often they visit, whether or not they consider Notifications to be an important feature or more an annoyance, and of course their Profile settings.

The “slippery slope” in me fears “what’s next, a Notification for every possible action a member takes in any thread?” eg. gave me a Solved, clicked a link I posted, cast a vote, edited a post, etc.

I think that unless the settings give options for what type of Notifications one is going to get that keeping a balance is going to be very important to help ensure that most embers consider Notifications to be an important feature

(Stephanie) #3

This seems like the type of thing that should be optional to user creating the poll. I probably wouldn’t want hundreds of notifications from a poll in a very busy community.