@ mentions on the new notification panel

If you’ve checked your notifications recently, you probably noticed the slightly revamped notification panel. I quite like it, as it gives more quick filtering options than before (although it’ll take a little while to get used with them being to the right of the panel rather than the top), however I feel like having yet another filter, an @ mentions one, could be pretty nice, especially since that is a filter once you go to the notification tab on your profile.

Here’s a very lazy edit of what it could look like since I’m too lazy to do an actually good edit:

Note: this is a copy/paste of the same topic on another forum (evidenced by the screenshot), as someone alerted me that it could have not been implemented on Discourse itself rather than hidden by that forum’s staff. As it turns out, they were correct.


They were a separate menu item at one point, but were combined in with replies to cut back on the amount of tabs. There have been some comments for bringing it back though:


I know this is a dangerous thing to say :slight_smile: but I think it might be nice to have per-user customizarion:

  • what gets separate sections
  • which things are grouped
  • how the sections are ordered

… and maybe even a way to define a particular “High Priority” section based on rules for category, tag, poster (or poster’s group membership.