Three dots become garbage can

Today let’s talk about the UX of


OK we click on the three dots to find out what it hides.

OK we saw what it hid. And now we click again to make it hide it again.

But surprise surprise, that spot has now become a garbage can (and some other stuff) and our second click is now aimed smack dab at a garbage can! Good thing we can still stop our hand in time.

Yes, maybe it isn’t as dangerous as it seems, but I’m not going to try it to find out.

Also there is still plenty of room to show all items, so the three dots isn’t saving much. Plus it is weird that there is no antidote once one has expanded it. (No three dots to make it contract again. Yes, even if… there is plenty of room…)

It is configurable. Some sites have a lot more options there than others.

And while I hear you on your point, but we generally tend to work to a rule of three and no one else has ever complained about this, that I’m aware of.

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It’s also possible to configure which post menu items are hidden behind the ellipsis via your site settings.

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Yeah, that’s what I was attempting to say. You did a much better job of it.

Which brings up an interesting point.
I bet a lot of those settings, only available to admins, could also be offered to users to to configure, via some …/my/preferences/interface/advanced .
Thus “increasing democracy” and reducing “admins vs. non-admins power gap”… as long as it doesn’t affect security.