Throttle back leaderboard cheers for posts on own topics

We have a community of product. It’s primarily people saying “Here’s my problem. Please help.”

The vast majority of our users come to get their itches scratched and leave until next time.

We’ve been looking for ways to encourage users to help each other. The leaderboard doesn’t do it. Why? Well, looking at our user leaderboard today, the guy in the top slot is truly a rock star with helping others. Checking the rest of the top ten, everyone else got their cheers points largely (entirely?) from posting on their own threads.

Which is generally cool. There’s usually back-and-forth in working through a question.

But posting on someone else’s topic is behavior we’d like to encourage far more. So we’d either like to increase the weight of “other’s-thread-posting” or decrease the weight of “own-thread-posting”.