Thumbnails no longer appearing when referencing internal topics

Thinking this might have something to do with my own whitelisting instead of a bug, which is why I’m posting in #support

When posting the link to a post on our forums, we used to get nice thumbnail images inline with the post preview. Now, we get a [00002]-like string of linked text instead of the nice thumbnails. Is there some whitelisting I need to do to get this working with thumbnail images?

How it used to look :cat:

How our instance currently renders the URL: :

We are on version 2.0.3.

We amended it so internal and external oneboxes render using a different engines:

^^^ external onebox

^^^ internal onebox

This is not configurable at the moment, but I do think we are losing out a bit on the “Topic” onebox for internal topics cause we don’t get reading time or number of likes… I wonder if we should revisit adding a tiny bit more meta data for internal topic oneboxes.


Glad to hear you’re considering reverting back. Something like this would be nice for internal oneboxing, where you remove the Forum Title and inline the #support category after the title:

A relative date of the post might be nice after “Reading time: 3 mins :clock2:” but not necessary.

I would be quite opposed to this, so unlikely to happen. The needs of external linkers and internal linkers are rather different.

Hey Jeff,

about the this topic. I see that handling internal links differently has it’s appeal with in place expanding but why is the internal link preview not loading the image. And if this is intentional couldn’t that be an option for the admin to decide? I mean the following

(1) Image previews not rendered in collapsed preview of the internal link
(2) Here is a href in the original post and it’s clickable in the collapsed preview of the internal link. It was linking to a broken destination. So if one clicks it one get’s a 404. So I fixed it in the original post. The collapsed preview keeps linking to to broken link meaning it is cache and not updated if it’s out of sync with the oirginal post.

When expanding the internal link the "fresher version is loaded and images and links are displayed and updated.

So this is a plea to offer maybe some options to admins if they want images to expand or even if they want internal and external links to be treated differently at all. And also a bug report.

Best regards from cold Berlin (and big fan of this software!)

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So a year has passed on this request (at least the last question). Any updates or new thoughts. Might this become a configuration option or is already? Many regards Max

Customizing the way internal oneboxes work is going to require a plugin, at the moment not enough people complain about this for us to justify adding a switch.

If there is a specific bug with the oneboxer aka (2), make a repro on say try, paste in the problem text and make a dedicated topic.


Thanks for the reply. Will look into plugins. Was just thinking maybe one could just omit the distinction between internal and external one boxes and only read them Always as external ones?! Having the feature thumbnail was pretty neat.