Thumbnails not showing on video uploads

How to make the thumbnail shown ? why it’s not possible to add/generate thumbnail and why there is no undo/redo buttons ?

on this community, thumbnails are shown for videos uploaded directly to this community

on Brave community, video size limit iis 8mb and after the video has been uploaded, Thumbnail continues stay black after posting, video still plays Correctly.

How can this issue be fixed by Brave Community admin(as it seems to be issue of brave community)?

That video you linked to was posted on Jan 9. An update to generate thumbnails was released a bit later in Jan/Feb I believe so any videos like that you will have to edit the post and re-upload the video. There is no bulk action a staff member can take to fix all videos without thumbnails as they are auto-created in the composer on upload now.


it’s hard to find all posts on where videos have been posted… For now, i was hoping discourse would fix the issue via backend update or Hard Refresh the Brave Community website, Like asking the Brave team to turn on maintenance mode where site will be inaccessible for 2 hours while the update and maintenance is going on and from your Reply, i can understand discourse doesn’t offer those features for the time being, Hopefully the team fixes the black thumbnail issue within next 6 months and as a positive note, Are you sure videos which are uploaded from now on won’t have this issue ?

i am working on a draft since last 2 months as its 170+ pages worth of content(50 to 60 images), it also has some videos uploaded directly to brave community, does the thumbnail generator create thumbnails while “Reply” button is used and post is submitted or ALL Videos have to be Reuploaded regardless of the status of uploaded video contents are still in draft state ?

Did you notice any here since the fix was merged?
It was fixed in the middle of February. Videos that were posted before that here on Meta, like this, have a black thumbnail. The ones posted now have nice one.


Thumbnails are created at the time of video upload in the composer, not when pressing reply.

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For Most of the images, i have noticed even if i Pressed the delete button of the image shown in Right side of the Image during Post Creation, the delete button doesn’t actually deletes it, but it rather only hides it and removes the image related text from the post creation format box, Which means the content ![01010110101010111011011010|690x486](upload://ac4ltSBmyQnlppZ3D.png)
is removed from editor because i have noticed even if the file name was Renamed in explorer.exe and the same image with different file name is uploaded, only the file name on the editor gets changed but the upload is same which means->>> (upload://ac4ltSBmyQnlppZ3D.png)

only way to have it changed and make discourse think its a new image is while i compress the image and reupload it again… i think this software tricks user into thinking images are deleted while the delete button is used but in reality the image is saved and copies of it are being used even though it makes it out to seem to showing progresses like processing, uploading, upload://

My Question is the same process of compressing also needs to be done for Videos Reupload ?

Yes, when you delete an upload from the composer, it is not in fact deleted yet. Upload deletions are delayed and eventually are removed when they aren’t attached to a post.

Sure if you really wanted to re-upload the exact same file then ya you will have to modify it in some way and not just rename it. But for videos even if you re-upload the same file (no modifications) it will re-generate a new thumbnail for it and use the latest one.