Tickets Plugin 🎟

(DaveK) #21

We also have it as a notification, but we’ve encountered “oh I must of missed it” and “it got lost with other notifications” responses from users, who neglected open tickets because of those reasons. So, that’s why we have a site-wide banner. We do three way tickets, so to keep the other party waiting to a minimum, we remind users about their tickets in a bold way :smiley:

(Daniel Nevoigt) #22

Is there a way to share that modification? I would really love to have it within my customer support system running on Discourse. :slight_smile:


I like this feature. I will use it when building my own Discourse. :slight_smile:

(DaveK) #24

The support system I have isn’t the one listed here, it’s a custom made plugin just for my website, so there is no modification to share.

(Kankuro) #25

I’m not sure if I’m missing something, but this doesn’t seem to be working for me, I’ll list what isn’t working right for me.

  • The redirect to the ticket dashboard doesn’t seem to follow caps cases; it takes me to admin/tickets?filters=assigned%3Akankuro instead of admin/tickets?filters=assigned%3AKankuro which results in no tickets being shown.
  • The tags don’t stick for any of the fields after refreshing or changing pages.
  • I’m not getting any sort of PM or notification to tell when there is a new ticket, not sure if this is intentional or if there is supposed to be some sort of alert to let people know when they have a new ticket.

All I’ve done is installed the plugin, enabled it, added tags to the tag groups, and created a new group with all mods called “helpdesk” and added that to tickets include group.

Any ideas what might be going wrong here?

(Neemias Freitas) #26

I’m having exactly the same issue. I’m not sure why. I’ve done everything correctly.

(Kankuro) #27

It seems to be broken, I’ve disabled it until there is an update.

(Tobias Eigen) #28

It’s not broken at all. We use it every day in our community, and it is working as currently described in the OP.

Granted, it’s an early version of the plugin and there are some improvements I’d like to see too. It would be fantabulous if some others in the community stepped up to sponsor @angus to work on it or to contribute features.

Mainly I am missing bulk ticket management tools, the ability to search tickets by keyword, an indication of which member a ticket is about, and features for monitoring “ticket system health”. There are some issues with pagination and filter on the dashboard, but it works.

Of the issues described by @Kankuro

I don’t have this issue - see screenshot of dashboard filtering by tickets assigned to MohammedAman in my community. I arrived here by clicking on a ticket. I notice your URL has %3A while mine has :. Not sure what’s going on in your site. Maybe a conflict with another plugin? Can you give more detail on where you get this?

I’ve also noticed that the interface for managing ticket tags, assignee and (for PMs that are tickets) people in the message does not cause the tags, assignee and people in message to immediately show up - this is behavior that @angus and I talked about and we decided it was low priority. But they do show up upon refresh or leaving/coming back to the ticket.

This is normal and by design. Unless a ticket is assigned to you, you will not get a notification.

Typically our workflow is to whisper to the assignee when we create a ticket with further instructions if needed… the assignee then gets a whisper for that.

(Kankuro) #29

None of what you described is working for me, so I’m not sure.

(Tobias Eigen) #30

ok - happy to help but need more information from you.

just keep in mind that the plugin is not broken. :slight_smile:

(Kankuro) #31

What information exactly?

(Angus McLeod) #32

Hey there @Kankuro and @neemiasvf , thanks for trying out the plugin.

When you say it’s “broken”, do you mean it’s not working at all, or this specific list of items are not working for you?

(Neemias Freitas) #33

Hey @angus,

I just figured out. I was being plain dumb, nothing more. I had one of my categories configured to only allow tagging from a certain group, and the tickets group was not included. As soon as I changed that, everything worked like a charm. Yes, I feel ashamed and I’m sorry I had put you through this and wasted your time.

Thanks :slight_smile:

(Kankuro) #34

Just the list of items seem to be the problem. The biggest issue is the redirect not accounting for caps and the tags not sticking. Because the tags don’t stick, it doesn’t actually assign any tickets.

(George Petrov) #36

This is definitely a good list to have!

We would like also to have to tickets public @angus - as most people just post bugs in a special bugs category that needs to become tickets, or result in tickets and people should be able to see that status

Thanks for making this plugin!



Could you explain what this plugin does? I was hoping for a ticketing system in which regular users seeking for help from the staff could open a “support ticket”.
However, after installing the plugin, I log is as regular user and I don’t see any option to create a ticket.

(Tobias Eigen) #38

Hi there,

As of now, only staff can create tickets, or turn any message or topic into a ticket.

We use the api to create tickets when various things happen, via our wordpress site. I guess you could create a form externally that uses the api to create tickets in the same way.

@angus is this a feature that would be pr welcome? To provide a direct way for non staff users to create tickets?

(Angus McLeod) #39

Yes, this should definitely be on the agenda. It would increase the scope of the use cases substantially. @tobiaseigen Could you assimilate the various pieces of feedback into a prioritised to do list with max 3 items on it?

(Tobias Eigen) #40

Hi Angus!

I may be right, but I don’t think there’s much new feedback from others here. @WorldIsMine has suggested creating “ticket health” functionality which would be very handy to have and we would definitely use it if it existsed, but there are more important tasks.

If I were you, I’d work on these three tasks next to make the ticket system more stable and usable.

  1. bug: The hijacked link to a user’s assigned tickets appears to not work for usernames that have mixed case.
  2. add ability to indicate the user a ticket is about. Add column on tickets dashboard for date ticket was created and date created, date of last activity. (ok, I see I may have snuck in some separate tasks here - so sue me :balance_scale: )
  3. hijack :mag: search on tickets dashboard to allow searching for tickets by keyword

Note: @Kankuro had reported 1 above but I didn’t understand it previously. Now I was able to replicate it.

click for replicable steps on namati Steps to replicate:

go to your own messages, then click on ASSIGNED on the menu. You will see it works! :+1:

go to Mohammed’s messages, then click on ASSIGNED on the menu. It does not work! :-1: Note lower-case on URL:

click link to Mohammed’s assigned tasks on the dashboard - it works! Note case on URL:

If you wanted to add a feature to allow non staff to create tickets, I think it would make sense to do it after the above is in place. It doesn’t seem as pressing to me because it is possible to do just this using an external form and the API. The only thing missing now is that users can’t see the ticket status, priority and reason, or assigned. But that is less important in my view.

I don’t know exactly how it might look but we should talk through it and solicit ideas. Maybe the easiest thing is to add a group setting to enable tickets for the group. Then when enabled, a TICKET button shows up on the user card pop up and group landing page. (A URL method for starting a ticket would be provided, like we have for starting a message, so on other parts of our site we could write something like “start a ticket by clicking here” or whatever.) When selected, an interface pops up that looks much like the current add ticket interface, already enabled and including the group and perhaps with some default ticket tags already prefilled. To see and manage their tickets, users could get a TICKETS menu option on their messages to access their own tickets? Or the dashboard could be moved to the /tickets route and only show people the tickets they have access to?

(Angus McLeod) #41

Thanks that’s useful.


I was thinking of hooking this plugin in with Quick Messages, so you could have a “Help” button in the bottom right that would open a chat with support staff and also automatically create a ticket, intercom style.

Open to anyone’s thoughts on how to best implement user-created tickets.