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We are hosted by Discourse. So I don’t know the exact number but it seems last update has happened 17 hours ago. I’ve installed the component and upload several images to try but not working. That’s all :thinking:

You can find the version of Discourse you’re on by looking at the HTML header of any page:


That’s still not helpful – WHAT is not working? Do the buttons appear in the editor? What does the resulting text look like before you save it? Do the images appear in your post at all? Etc.

No one will be able to help unless they can understand what specifically is going on.

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Thanks, I’ve found it:


Images appear but not as how it supposed to be:

It should’ve been like this:

Your images are too small. They need to be large enough to activate Discourse’s internal image resizing routine for the Tiles or Slick galleries to work.


What are minimum sizes for images to make the component work correctly?

Whatever your setting is for your site.

Look for max image width and max image height

Images must be larger than this setting to trigger the component.


Bug perhaps? Certainly opportunity for improvement. I just installed this today and have been struggling to get the layout correct. I finally worked it out. I needed to have all my images on a single line before using the composer button. Otherwise I end up with code that looks like this:


<div data-theme-tiles="1">



And all my images are in a single column.

I’m guessing this isn’t an issue if you upload all your images in a single batch, but in my case I was collating images from a number of posts, and copying the links in one-by-one.

Why not just press the Tiles button first, then insert the image links where it says “Add images”?


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Because the instructions explicitly said to do it in the other order. Have image links first, then hit gallery button.

Lol, okay … do it your way, then. :man_shrugging:

I’m not arguing that there aren’t easier ways to do it @cjk77. Making the tags first then inserting the image links inside of it is a lot easier. And pasting the image links all onto one line, then hitting the Gallery button is also easy. Now I understand what I was doing wrong, it’s simple. I’m just saying that

  1. The instructions could be clarified to explicitly require all images on a single line, and/or
  2. The tool could detect newlines between images and still jam them into a single div tag, instead of one div per image.

Because for someone who has never used the tool before, it’s easy to make a mistake.


Just quick feedback: My users absolutely love the Auto Tiles Image Gallery in my forum.
Since my community is not technical audience, they are usually overwhelmed with the current UX/UI of the tiles gallery in the editor.
So far the old branch works without any complaints:

Would love to see it in master branch as an option.

Hi Joe!

Firstly I want to thank you for both Tiles & Slick Gallery Theme components!

I have a minor issue with Tiles Gallery display on mobile.

On first load\view it comes up like this. First save had all pics on far right.

After Tilting from portrait to landscape and back it correctly displays like this.

My mobile phone is an LG G8X ThinQ. Also noticed there is a 1 in the code. Does changing this value alter layout?


Has anyone got both Tiles & Slick galleries working with the latest version of Discourse? Thx.



Nice. I am have a bit of a problem with it. What theme is that? Thanks for sharing.

It’s Vincent (with some modifications & tweaks)

I get these crazy results often, what can I do to stop it?


Is there something in settings I can change?

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Still can not make this work

highlight , click and no go

meanwhile same action, same thread, different post, perfect results

Can I get some interest in helping to figure out the issue please.

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