Time frame filter on Top lacks a highlight state

Problem: While using tabbing navigation functionality, the time frame filter lacks a highlight state which can cause accessibility users to miss that functionality of the forum.

Repro Steps:

  1. Navigate to the forum home page
  2. Select the Top sub-menu filter
  3. Press tab until you reach the end of the sub-menu
  4. Tab once more and observe that the highlight state disappears.
  • Observe that the arrow keys will scroll up and down the page here
  1. Tab again and observe the highlight state is still absent
  • Observe that the arrow keys will open up the time frame filter, indicating that the focus, while invisible, is on the filter.

Expected Results:

  • A highlight box should be present on selected UI elements so accessibility users can accurately navigate the forums.

The filter I’m referencing:




thanks for the detailed report, we are aware of this. It’s currently being worked on. Will make sure to notify this topic when it’s available.


Hi @joffreyjaffeux,

Is there an expected release window for this issue?


No exact ETA but it’s getting close.


This should now be working on master:

This is on chrome, might not show on firefox, but this is another issue @awesomerobot will be looking at in the future.


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