Time series statistics instead of a single number

Could it be made possible that the statistics of posts read, topics viewed, hearts given, received and maybe even more numbers be plotted in time series since the day the user started using the forums, instead of the one fixed value of the present?
something like,

for posts read
day joined    2nd day     ...  10th day   total
10            5                4          70

Not sure how meaningful such a scheme would be over time. If a community, such as here, is volatile then user could be interacting with posts/threads/etc on a daily basis. In other equally active cummunities I am running at over 100 days straight and approaching 200 overall. The long list of numbers from such visits would be produce someting akin to a random number generator.

Even a plot might not be helpful for such communities and regular users as the graph would be ever growning. Even a Tufte sparkline might not help. One might be able to infer from some data points that the user has been on vacation but how much more useful would it be.

The aggregate numbers of present may prove to be the most useful way of displaying the data.

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I wanted to do time series forecasting to predict future points for the time spent, posts read on a particular forum, for that I need daily data.