Time To First Reponse - Bug!?

Hi guys!

I am very suspicious about the time to first response data gathered from the forum, I always have peaks in there which do not make sense at all. We usually answer posts within a 8 hour window or faster, so why does is there always a peak. Am I missing something? Example:



Are there multiple peaks or just that day? Isn’t the scale minutes? Isn’t it likely that someone asked a question in the middle of the night and it went unanswered until morning?

No it is only 1-3 days that have a peak and I take the time to first response per day!

Could be but how would you get the 200 hour peak then? :slight_smile:

OH. The scale is hours, not minutes. I wasn’t sure about that.

My best guess is that there were some very old topics that somehow had not had responses, like some topic in a category that you’d not expect to get responses. It seems improbable that the metrics are computed incorrectly.


Thanks for your answer Jay! Already investigated this and I assume it takes also posts from the past which is a bit “odd”.

From what I have found the algorithm looks like this:

builder.where(“p.user_id != t.user_id”)

–> Also means that the owner of the topic posting the first reply, should not be considered a reply at all

Maybe someone else has an idea on this :slight_smile:

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