Time tracking using Discourse?

The leantime software seems to have a number of complimentary functionality that seems useful for project management. Are there people here using leantime who could make a feature comparison with project management in Discourse?

Here is a short overview of leantime features, from the above link:

Leantime Discourse Notes
Todos Kanban Board, Discourse Assign :white_check_mark:
Milestones ? :question:
Ideas Topics? :white_check_mark:
Docs Discourse Docs (Documentation Management) :white_check_mark:
Blueprints ? :question: (maybe Discourse Templates would be useful here?)
Reports ? :x: (this is the @Campano’s interest)
Timesheets ? :x: (ditto)
Retrospectives Topics? :white_check_mark:

I think it would be interesting to see how much time was spent on a topic, especially in the context of a task. Although ‘reading time’ is an indicative figure, it lacks context. Since there is an estimation of reading time in a topic, there could be a way to estimate time spent responding to a topic – or at least some measurement that would send an alert to the user telling whether they’re spending too much time on this topic. But as I write this I also consider the implementation nightmare of such time estimation, especially as writing is a different thing than researching what to write or spending time resolving an issue, so it’s mostly abstract and detached from any single real situation. That said, a burndown chart (“Reports”) for tasks (using the Kanban board) would be useful, as well as milestone management (grouping tasks together to understand scope and follow progress).