Timeline gets stuck when going to last/first post

On some topics the timeline seems to get stuck when clicking to go to the last post or the first post. The indicator doesn’t update. I’m on Windows 7 and it happens in Chrome, Firefox and IE 11.

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Can you give a more precise repro using topics on try.discourse.org please?

It happens all the time here on meta. Enter on any topic you haven’t visited yet. Click the bottom of the timeline to go to the las post, you move to the last post but the indicator in the timeline stays at the top. Scroll a little and the indicator updates. Click the top of the timeline, you are taken to the top but again the indicator doesn’t update.

Perhaps a video helps:



Oh I see you must go more than the cloak size for it to trigger (20 posts).


  1. Go to the end of a long topic
  2. Click timeline top area to scroll to first.

OK, since we have a good repro @eviltrout can you have a look?

Thanks, I’m really happy to fix this one. I’d seen it a few times but then thought I was crazy because I couldn’t reproduce it.



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