Timeline scroll unpredictable in topics with images

Hi there,

I’ve recently migrated a lot of threads into Discourse on my dev server from VB4, and in long topics with a lot of images the timeline scrollbar is all over the place. Trying to drag from post #11 to post #50 could get you to #36, it could get you to #6, it could throw you back to the top, and the bigger jump you try to make the more the issue seems to be exaggerated.

This is only happening in Chrome.

I can live with hiding the timeline if at least I can get the internal links working - but linking to a specific post within a topic presents the same issue. Does anyone have ideas on a workaround?

Can you share a link to an example?

Are you saying that you have correct internal links on the site but clicking them goes to the wrong place?

Hi @pfaffman, yes that’s correct. A link to site.com/t/215506/64 where the topic has 100+ posts will cause the behavior in Chrome. These are topics with a lot of images. Have you encountered anything like this before?

Unfortunately, I may be able to share a screencast in a pm or email but I’m sure I’m not permitted to share direct links to the project publicly.

Is it different from What happens when a topic has over 1000 replies? - Demo?

The next thing would be to disable plugins and themes.


@pfaffman Thanks so much for your feedback, it helped my narrow it down to something in my theme that is causing the issue.

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I located the problem. For future reference, the issue was being caused by a theme component with the scroll-behavior:smooth css property applied to the body element.