Page doesnt scroll right on thread with many photos

Hi all! I run a forum for a crypto community using discourse and I have thread for a photo competition that doesn’t scroll like it should. I suspect the photos is the cause.
this is the thread:

there seems to be 2 scrollers on the page: 1 for the page and a secondary scroll that normally moves along when one scrolls down the page to show the number of posts or something like this. it is the secondary scroller that causes the problem.
I’ve been updating the forum the last days without luck. I also don’t find a solution online.
Has anyone here had a similar experience?


found this.

just wondering if I need to enter the docker container to change that? or how do I aply this fix?

entered the docker but dont find the file

found the files. but the fix is already applied. guess since its from january. so dunno.

If you are not on latest Discourse, I suggest updating to latest.

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its the latest version

still scrolls sketchy. as a temp fix I made the timeline-handler bigger and change the color to make it easier to see. but in general theres a problem with the scroller.