Tipping program (something like the one in Vocal Media)

What would you like done?
Hey there, I would like to know how much would cost to implement a feature like the one on Vocal Media (Bitcoin Origins, Operations, Happenings, Objectives and Offerings (uh, BOOHOO for short?)), where users can make donations for other users. The platform gets a % of the value.

The link has an example. Everything runs on Stripe and is integrated inside the platform.

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Interesting. Introducing Tipping: A New Way to Earn has a better description of how it works. To receive a tip you must create a Stripe account.

So, for anyone who’s interested, the Stripe pieces that are salient are https://stripe.com/docs/api/connected_accounts and https://stripe.com/docs/connect/destination-charges.

It works like this:

So (if I’m doing the math right) if the app were to take a 7% cut, a $1 tip would be about 33 cents to Stripe, 7 cents to the app, and 60 cents to the user receiving the tip.


Thanks @pfaffman! Indeed, the post has a better description. I’m looking way of creating a system where users can support other users. A peer-to-peer network between authors. I know Discourse has plugins that enable stripe and paypal donations, but they are focused on donations for the platform itself, not for showing support for other users.


It looks like you could use Nano for that. I’ve seen some tipping implementations for reddit and twitter that fit this description.


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