Tipping program (something like the one in Vocal Media)

What would you like done?
Hey there, I would like to know how much would cost to implement a feature like the one on Vocal Media (Bitcoin Origins, Operations, Happenings, Objectives and Offerings (uh, BOOHOO for short?)), where users can make donations for other users. The platform gets a % of the value.

The link has an example. Everything runs on Stripe and is integrated inside the platform.

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Interesting. Introducing Tipping: A New Way to Earn has a better description of how it works. To receive a tip you must create a Stripe account.

So, for anyone who’s interested, the Stripe pieces that are salient are https://stripe.com/docs/api/connected_accounts and https://stripe.com/docs/connect/destination-charges.

It works like this:

So (if I’m doing the math right) if the app were to take a 7% cut, a $1 tip would be about 33 cents to Stripe, 7 cents to the app, and 60 cents to the user receiving the tip.


Thanks @pfaffman! Indeed, the post has a better description. I’m looking way of creating a system where users can support other users. A peer-to-peer network between authors. I know Discourse has plugins that enable stripe and paypal donations, but they are focused on donations for the platform itself, not for showing support for other users.