Suggestion for this site- Field for BTC tips

I was just thinking if there was a field added for a dev to place a bitcoin address. I know we have the marketplace but some things dont warrant a full thread. I personally have had members help me on alot of various things the past few days and I really appreciate the help. If they had a donation box for bitcoin its not much but $10 here and there as a “tip” to show appreciation to members and staff helping I think would be a cool idea.

For now I think it’d be best if you simply PM people you’d like to donate to.

Most people here help out for one or multiple of these reasons:

  • It’s their job
  • They’re returning the favour in kind
  • It’s part of their Discourse learning experience
  • To build trust & recognition in their personal brand
  • Someone is wrong on the internet
  • Simply good people (that one counts for everyone :heart_eyes: )

Donations don’t usually fit in so well. But I’m sure a personal thanks and an offer to buy them a virtual beverage of their choice will always be appreciated!


can’t they add it to their post or is that against the rules? or perhaps add to their profile or smth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can certainly add it to your user profile if you wish, but I wouldn’t have it in posts.

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