Title is too short when when you create a topic from a link

The title is truncated too short when when you create a topic from a link.

Same thing here:


Yeah we don’t want this truncated @neil so we need to grab the title earlier in the pipeline.


OK. I think that’s been the onebox behaviour forever. I guess we’re aware of it now because of topic link.

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So we don’t want to truncate the title in the onebox? Or in the title? Both? We need some sort of limit, but currently 50 chars is where it gets cut off which seems too low, and word boundaries aren’t being used.


If it were up to me, the onebox would be truncated at however many characters can typically fit in the box. Eyeballing it is seems that something closer to 80/90 would be good. The topic title should be whatever the maxiumum topic title length is.

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I updated the Onebox gem to truncate after complete words and include 80 chars in titles instead of 50.