Title tag for the forum


I want to use a title tag for my forum.

The idea is that it shows up in the search bar browsers, is visible in a search engine result and does not show up on all the emails we send out to users. In emails it is visible in the title, which is easily removed, and also in the content of the emails in quite a few places.

I haven’t found an option for this yet. If I add the tag directly to the title it will be indexed and it will show in the search bar but I have a hard time removing it from all of the emails. This is how I solved it before, but now I have removed it completely as I couldn’t really get it to work with e-mails. Creating custom email templates to remove this title tag seems like a stupid way to do it. Does anyone know of a nice way to do this?

I’m also wondering how come there isn’t an option for title tag in the admin pages? It would seem like a really simple way to do it for the users instead of adding it in the title and then removing it from the emails.

This is simply the <title> tag of the webpage at that URL:

So modify the name of your site in the site settings if you wish to change that:

Thanks to @maja, the “short site description” is now also included in the title tag of the homepage