TL0 user can’t see menus made by Header submenu on DiscourseHub/iPhone

Header submenu doesn’t show anything with DiscourseHub when using iPhone AND an user is TL0 (locked TL and own group to stop ads, it is test user) — for me as an admin I see menus. Menus (two dropdowns), are visible nicely when using Safari and TL0, tho.

So the easy way to test this is to

  • create a menu using Header submenu component
  • create a TL0 user
  • visit forum using DiscourseHub and that user

Harder way, if that works, is to do addition steps:

  • create a closed group to that user and that user only
  • setup ad-plugin showing Adsense-ads
  • exclude group of TL0 from ads

For me this is more or less minor issue because I have only a couple users that are using the Hub and those are high TLs. But quite many is doing same as me and using those menus to show important static docs and helps for new users.

No, I couldn’t find anything from logs. Version of Discourse is 3.1.0.beta2 (f8863b0f98). And I didn’t try safe-mode for obvious reason: it is quite hard task when using the Hub; I don’t know any trick how to do it.

I don’t know when this happened, because

  • real TL0s don’t know what to expect
  • I rarely use my test-person on DiscourseHub

Sure, this can be a bug/malfuncton/misbehave of Disourse or the component, but because every three are part of you… :wink:

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