TL3 Bulk Action

So I noticed trust (regulars) do not have the ability to use bulk actions. My suggestion would be to make a bulk action feature for trust level 3 but limited. Only TL4 can use bulk actions. Bringing bulk actions to TL3 would make TL3 users have an easier time with category/tag management.

Allow these options:


related to categories:

  • Set Category [akin to TL3 abilities]

related to tags:

  • Replace tags
  • Append Tags
  • Remove all Tags
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Why should TL3 have that wide ability? Why not using moderators or TL4s for that?

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It could be used in forums with little-to-no moderation, as most of the regulars would know how to use this forum and can easily help with the forum (sort of like a third of a moderator)

TL4 will get more options for bulk actions, but TL3 could use a limited set (in my thoughts)


TL3 are also there to help organise the community so perhaps giving them similar functionality to TL4 wouldn’t be a bad idea? However, personally on here for example, I’ve not seen more than one topic that needs its changing in bulk for the 5 minutes I’m active at a time.


I’m a regular on the gimkit forums, and the tags are really messed up there. Tags have been really misused and there’s no TL4s. Currently, the TL3s are all working to eliminate a single tag (100+ instances) but it would be much easier if we had a bulk action option.


As a member of the fairly messed-up Gimkit forums, this would be a good idea as long as the untrustworthy members (that applies to all forums in general) don’t abuse or mess up anything.

Edit: Time to post about the site reloading when I posted this… or not.


This point of view is still not so liked, but:

  • admin should use those tools that are available, like TL4 and moderators, not downgrading abilities to lower TLs (the gap between TL4 and moderators is already quite small and narrowing that even more will break the idea of TL quite fast)
  • if admin(s) don’t care what happends why should users or even TL3 care? Such forum is abandonded then and everybory should run
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Just gonna spill my thoughts:

(Almost all the tags on the forum are community maintained)

I have not seen very active moderation in that site on my 150 days visiting that forum so it makes sense this would be useful to you.

What if a TL3 abuses this option? It’s not very likely, but if it happens, then we can notify a moderator.

Against my own suggestion: Some users are prone to abusing these features, so this may not exactly be the best idea I had but based on the Gimkit forum, I made this suggestion as it’s hardly moderated.

If an admin is not paying attention to the forum very much, it’s most likely clear they don’t care too much about the forum or it’s not the main focus and want to focus on larger projects.

There are no community moderators or TL4s in that forum, so this could be quite an issue in this case.

That’s all.

But it depends.

Bulk actions are useful if used correctly, but can be prone to abuse and mess things up real fast. Without it, people would not mess things up as quickly as they ahould.


I believe adding tags counts as an edit? This may limit the usefulness of a bulk tool for this for TL3s.

(max edits per day) x (tl3 additional edits per day multiplier) is default (30) x (2), so 60 may not get you very far? (especially when you want some edits for your own posts). TL4 would have an extra 30 (tl4 additional edits per day multiplier is 3), which I think is more realistic.

Of course, an admin could up those numbers if they wanted.