TL3 time period not reflected in settings descriptions

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Drivel that you can ignore: I’ve just noticed how Trust Level 3 is assigned. Though when I got TL3 here, I thought “well, sure,” I just noticed that 17 people have TL3 on my site & I hadn’t noticed that they could re-categorize, and so on. (And I’m still confused since they started in January and that’s less than 100 days, and I don’t remember changing tl3_time_period, but I digress.) 100 days is too long for a 16 week semester & I thought about writing a plugin or PR to change that time period, but it’s already done!
This is awesome, @techAPJ! It looks like the descriptions of the other variables didn’t get changed to say time_period instead of “100 days.” Right?


Yes, thanks for bringing this in my notice! :thumbsup: