Find the users which are more likely to become TL3

(Diego Barreiro) #1

Is there a method to get a sorted list of users who might become Trust Level 3?
Maybe using the Data Explorer plugin and a query (?)

(Robert McIntosh) #2

That’s an interesting question. There will be no specific query since each member ‘earns’ TL3 through interaction and engagement, but you could monitor the TL2 users to see who are visiting most regularly and engaging with more content I suppose.

Is there a reason to find this in advance rather than waiting to see who earns it?

Some third party measurement tools create ‘leaderboards’ that might point to members who have been particularly active. Is that what you need?

In the past I have also created queries in excel based on data exported from the Users table and custom Data Explorer queries. I didn’t look at what you are asking, but did create monitoring tools to look at different types of activity, such as reading and posting, to better segment my members.

Let us know what you are trying to achieve and maybe we could come up with cleverer suggestions.

(also, this should probably be moved to #community where we can discuss these topics)

(Diego Barreiro) #3

I thought about TL3 Requirements
Checking which users have the most number of :white_check_mark: Requirements and sort by that

(Robert McIntosh) #4

You could do that, write a query to track the key fields and limit it to current TL2 users

There are loads of great query ideas for Data Explorer in another thread, and it seems that you could do a version of the User Directory, with the TL2 limit, to answer your query.

Still interested to know what you are trying to achieve in trying to ‘predict’ TL3 before it happens. Sounds like Minority Report :wink:

(Mittineague) #5

Though I have no doubt that some form of query could be put together, I have serious doubt that the amount of work needed would justify the questionable value of the results.

It is one thing to do this per user from a members admin user page, a whole different story for many accounts all at once.

At best, there will be many “moving parts” to take into consideration and arbitrary values to be decided on.

Some criteria could be used to reduce the “haystack”. i.e. only TL2 accounts that are not already TL3, accounts that are activated and not suspended. That might help somewhat.

Because many of the requirements may have been tweaked from their default values, those values would be needed to base a members values against.

Even then, most member values are unpredictable and unstable. eg. Likes could be given / received at any time changing a “0 - requirements not met” to “requirements met” in a heartbeat. Similar with flags given / received.

And what constitutes an “almost TL3” state? How many of the 12 requirements are already met? A percentage? eg.

if (value < requirement) 
 && ((value / requirement) > arbitrary_percent) { 

The “all time” values should in theory stagnate or increase only. But the “100 days” could be a problem. Should an algorithm somehow “drop” values associated with older days when it is trying to predict values for future days?

Anyway, long story short, if you can put together exact detailed specifications for how such a feature could work it would make it easier for someone to come up with the code needed to meet those specs.