TL4 as Trial Moderator

We wanted to expand our moderation team, and had the idea to invite a user to a trial phase while giving them TL4 Access. So this is partly about trust level but really more about them being given the “ownership” and encouragement to take more action to moderate the forum, even with actions that are lower TL like moving posts.

Has anyone approached it this way?

Any pros/cons?

The one issue we see is that they will not have access to Staff category. I guess in this regard it might be better to just make them full Mod with the understanding it’s a trial.



Yes, I have tried it and still doing it. I named them: community leader

They moderate and look after the forum more, however, they can’t do all moderator stuff. Normally, I would add them to PMs so they can experience stuff. Obviously, they can’t review posts so basically the whole point of modertors is to review queued posts. As you said they can’t see whispers or #staff category. Overall, I would just grant moderation and if you like their style keep if not revioke it and trial them or something.