Too Many Requests problem

I was testing the CDN service and everything worked fine. When I turned it off (uncomment line on app.yml) , there was nothing I could do. Each tab is a Too Many Requests or nothing is displayed. What’s going on?

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Do you have a reverse proxy? You might need to configure things so that the real ip addresses are passed to discourse.

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No, I installed the discourse according to the basic guide

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If I’m correctly understanding the anology here, You have opened multiple tabs on the same device to test/experiment the load times?

If so, too may requests may be legitimate response as all those browser sessions would be racing to download the same assets again not knowing the file already exists in cache.


that’s the problem that I don’t. I’m not doing anything and I’m testing today, too.

All I did was turn off the connected CDN in the settings (app.yml) . And now I can’t even log in to the admin. Why this problem and how to prevent it?

What’s strange is that if I turn on CDN (clodufront) again, this forum works normally? its weird. Why ?

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Hi @slivo

These kinds of puzzles can be interesting; but of course when your site is broken “interesting” is not the right expression.

One possibility is that when you have the CDN turned off, there is some JS code in your browser cache which is not happy (for a lack of a better technical term) when the JS was cached (when the CDN was on) and then you turn the CDN off, but the cache was not cleared.

Then again, this might not be an issue at all; but you can test this by opening your browser dev console and disabling the browser cache.

Screen Shot 2020-08-15 at 5.43.18 PM

Often, when debugging some strange behavior, disabling the cache can be a big help.

… and hope this helps you get to the next step debugging your problem.

Note: You can also try clearing your browser cache complete between these config changes.


Correction . Actually, even restoring cdn doesn’t help. This is what my admin panel currently looks like

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so I did. These messages keep flashing - at about 10 per second , lol


I thought maybe the cause is some kind of a triviality and, for example, that should i use some kind of rake command when playing with CDN ?

CDN & S3 uploads aren’t the same.

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