Tooltips not showing up on devices with touchscreen

The plugin seems to be pretty straightforward: install, activate.

I’ve done both, result:

But there are no tooltips shown :frowning:
Not when I’m logged in, not with private browser window and not logged in.
Any idea on how I could debug this?

Maybe my expectation is completely wrong… is this plugin enabled on meta? Because I also don’t see tooltips here as I would expect them with the plugin enabled.

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Are you testing on a touchscreen laptop? I suggest testing on a Mac to rule out touchscreen interference.


I didn’t want to buy a Mac only to test this :wink:
But indeed the tooltip appears on a laptop without touchscreen (not on meta though).
It isn’t working on a secondary non-touch display connected to a laptop with touchscreen.

At least some user will profit from the tooltips.

Is the touchscreen issue considered a bug?

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