Topic activity indicator (blue dot) too large on some Android devices

I really don’t know if it was done on purpose but this has become an annoying distraction. Is there a way to make it behave like it used to? The small blue dot worked just fine.

EDIT: seems like it is only related to mobile, Reproduced on two android devices with latest chrome on android 10.


Can’t this be related to the theme you’re using, rather than Discourse itself ?

I’m using the Light theme so maybe it’s related to that but still that’s a theme that’s shipped by default in discourse and the screenshot is from meta itself :slight_smile:

Can we repro this in the default theme on Android @dax?

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Mmm no, I can’t repro

It seems to work fine for me on Chrome 85.0.4
183.101 and Android 10 using the Light theme.


I tried to reproduce but with no avail. I get the same as Dax. However, this used to happen in my tablet (amazon tablet but fireOS is based on android) and I got this issue. However, I have never seen it since.

Some additional notes, I tried on a few more devices and seems like I can only replicate the issue on Samsung devices.

Got same behaviour on 3 Samsung phones but it renders fine on xiaomi/poco devices. So there could be a strong chance that Samsung is doing something funny with either chrome or something else that is causing this.


Same on my galaxy s5 :

Android 8, Chrome 85


I don’t think it’s related to Samsung devices, now I can see this issue randomly even opening the site on Firefox with my Huawei Mate 20 Pro


I’m sorry, I had most consistent repro on my family’s Samsung phones only so I suggested that.

This should fix the issue

Thanks for reporting it @itsbhanusharma :+1: