Topic limit warning should appear when user clicks 'New Topic' button

(Kim Witten) #1

Currently, if you have hit your topic limit you are still able to compose a new topic — it isn’t until you try to publish that you become aware that you have reached your limit. This may be frustrating for users who have composed a new topic; would be more helpful to warn them up front, before they’ve composed their topic.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Are you running into this limit a lot with new users?

(Kim Witten) #3

Hi, thanks for responding! We’re a small tech company, so we discussed the problem and changed the limit to suit our needs. But I can imagine that in a larger community of less technically-minded participants you’d wind up with a lot of them crafting a topic, hitting the limit and then getting frustrated and leaving the site or otherwise forgetting about their topic. Moving the warning forward in the process could get around this needless pain point.