Topic List Previews (legacy)

Looks like there maybe a JavaScript error? Can you post any console errors (ignore the warnings)?

I knew I forgot something :sweat_smile:

FYI it’s nearly vanilla, your helper plugin, akismet, and calendar are the only plugins

Bingo, you didn’t follow the instructions :slight_smile: Again :slight_smile: You need to permit the external script. This is identical to the issue you previously reported. :eyes:

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Ughhh! I totally forgot about that, so sorry! I was going based off this post and didn’t remember that little bit. Trying to do too many things at once :crazy_face:


No worries, there are so many posts and its a more complex setup than I would prefer to have. I sometimes forget.

@davidkingham I’ve modifed that post to add that detail :+1:

No longer required, see below.


@merefield you can let people skip this step by adding it to the theme about.json


Awesome advice, David, thanks,!


Sorry David, our other David has provided an excellent solution to this and I’ve deployed it so you no longer have to worry about adding this manually :slight_smile: Sorry for all the setup torture :slight_smile:


Don’t want to be obtrusive, but is this in scope for one of the next updates? Thanks for your feedback!


I can’t give a timeline, but yes, I intend to implement this.


Thumbnail generation has moved to Discourse Core now. What TLP was doing to create thumbnails is now mostly done by Discourse. More and more TLP is just a presentation layer.

Just noticed that CDN urls for thumbs are working now also, yeoww! :smiley:


The thumbnails for featured images are not showing up on the top row after the update. Is there something i need to do? I just have the original TLP plugin installed.

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Hi @merefield ,

topic list previews are not working after updating.

I completed the rebake process.

preview images do not appear on mobile.

I use amazon s3. Is the problem due to this?

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I’ve just updated my Discourse to the latest version, and all the topic list image/thumbnails have disappeared from my site.

Is this a bug? All the plug-in settings are still good/active. ‘Excerpts’ are working okay, but images are not.

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Guys, you are killing me … we have published a policy of only supporting upgrades during the 1st 5 days of the month. You do so at other times at your own risk. Please DON’T upgrade during the month if you are hoping to get my prompt attention.

That said, I’ve just tested the plugin on my site, fully updated and thumbnails are generating fine.

Please make sure you are using the official repo:

and you have rebaked all posts. Be patient for the time lag as all the processing happens. Results are not immediate.

If then you don’t see thumbnails generated and showing up in /latest.json, it’s probably not a TLP issue.


I changed my ‘download remote images max days old to 3650’ and rebaked, and it’s looking good:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rake posts:rebake


Sorry, didn’t mean to irritate you. Thanks for reminding of the update policy.


No worries. TLP is such a large piece of software now its quite a lot to maintain. This is also true of several other Pavilion plugins, so we are trying to focus support on days 1-5 so we can attend to other priorities the rest of the time. Unless you have a staging server to perform pre-checks on, avoid the temptation of upgrading Production outside of this time if you rely on our plugins :).

If this encourages you to get a staging server up, I’ll be very pleased :slight_smile:


FWIW, I just did an upgrade that failed to bootstrap.

I added this to my app.yml right under params (there is a commented out version there). It bootstrapped and launched and seems to be working.

  version: 1a5bcf2a648caf3d277ae2b0856a566789c55e3f
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Would it possible for you extract only the functionality of selecting thumbnail / featured image and create a separate theme component? I need only this functionality. It would be great if discourse includes this. Your implementation of selecting thumbnail is really intuitive :+1: I’m using a Fakebook theme (Renamed it to Social :slight_smile: ), the masonry layout doesn’t seem suitable for it though and using this theme component limits the scrolling behavior… and messes up the layout. However, the only functionality required in this theme is selecting the thumbnail. Other themes have your theme component. Hopefully, you’ll soon resolve all issues, Theme component looks good though… as learned, I’ll update the pavilion themes/plugins in the first 5 days of the month :slight_smile:

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