Topic List Previews (legacy)

To get thumbnails generated you must use local uploads or the native S3 integration functionality in Discourse. No other source is supported (except for the fallback image, which is very superficial and will not affect your og tag.).

You could discuss this with Discourse team here or start a #feature Topic.


@merefield It’s update time! :tada: Are there any known issues?


No issues I’ve come across Bart. How’s that staging server build coming on? :wink:


After last update we got a blank index page. Something is wrong with the unofficial plugin topic list previews. So we deactivate it and all is ok. anyone same problem or solution, thanks.


Thanks for the report. I fixed Locations plugin with similar issue yday. I’ll take a look.

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Can you please rebuild and confirm the fix?:


FYI not to confuse matters, but I’ve also applied this fix to the TC:


FYI to anyone about to upgrade that uses the TC with the helper plugin, be sure to update the TC before upgrading. When I updated core/plugins I was left with a blank screen and this error

I was able to get in with safe mode and update the TC and all is well now!


Yes, good advice, thanks David.


Hey Rob, I’ve noticed that thumbnails appear in the staff category despite not having this category in the topic list tiles categories setting. I see this on all my sites with different configurations. Is this a limitation or a bug?


Not able to repro that. Have you updated since the 5th?


I last updated on the 5th. It’s odd because the results are different across three sites. Here are the settings for each site:

First Site - Not showing thumbnails in Staff as expected

Second Site - Showing thumbnails in staff

Third Site - Showing tiles in staff


David, can you supply some reliable Steps To Reproduce?

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Thank you for this plugin, very good one.

Sorry but can you help me figure out how to add those #featured images on frontpage?

How can i add Category to show last 4-5 posts with picture and title, im kinda lost atm :smiley:

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I have found options where i can add Featured posts, but after i select some of them, they wont show up on frontpage :frowning:

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Something like:

The most important thing is to select the right tag and make sure the Topics are tagged.

There are two caveats:

  1. In the plugin, this only works on desktop (the TC version supports Featured Images on mobile too)

  2. In the plugin, you can’t make the list of images specific to the Category (you can in the TC)

Please note the distinction between “Topic” and “Post”. Topic is the entity that has a thumbnail.

Make sure there no JavaScript errors in the browser console. If there are related ones please share them here. Featured images were recently fixed for a breaking change in core.


Thank you, its activated :slight_smile:


Is that possible to move topic list preview (featured) section above to the navigation section?

I can’t find a way to repro, it’s not critical so we’ll just let this go.

On another note, I am having another issue that I thought I brought up before but I can’t find anything. When you visit a topic and then go back to the category, it doesn’t return you to where you were.

I have tried disabling all other TC’s, different browsers, all with the same results. I would test this on but there doesn’t seem to be a category with TLP enabled.

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I have problem with adding sidecar plugin. I added this line to my app.yml

- git clone -b "theme_sidecar"

When I do launcher rebuild app it gives me error:

Pups::ExecError: cd /var/www/discourse/plugins && git clone - git clone -b "theme_sidecar" failed with return #<Process::Status: pid 424 exit 129>
Location of failure: /pups/lib/pups/exec_command.rb:112:in `spawn'


Ok, it seems this plugin conflict with “Topic List Previews” plugin. So, I removed topic list repo and added it. And launcher rebuild worked. After installation of theme_sidecar there is no option for like buttons?

Any idea?

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