Topic List Previews Theme Component

Can I achieve something like this through the #theme-component?

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Yes, you’d have to:

  • modify the maximum width of the standard topic list using CSS

    .wrap {
      max-width: 2000px;
  • install something like the Layouts plugin to add the sidebars (but should work with other sidebar Components).

All relatively straightforward

However I’m not sure > 3 columns is very digestible and that includes sidebars?

Yeah, I’ll probably have to scale it down a little… :thinking:

Thanks a bunch!

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Hi @merefield
If you know - how can I disable images in topic excepts?
Here is an example of the issue that I have -

I put a mouse on the image in except (it shows blank).
I want to remove it completely to keep only text in short form under topic - as I already have a big picture as thumbnail

How is it better to do it?

The contents of excerpts is down to Discourse.

This behaviour is a little surprising because images are usually not included?

Can you link me to the forum post and I might be able to take a quick look? (feel free to PM me).

For comparison, this Topic has an image, but it is not included in the excerpt: List of Gameloops (WIP) - StarZen: The Unofficial Star Citizen Community


Just guessing, but could that image-in-excerp situation come from webshop linking? Then Discourse shall see a piece of content that includes image too.


Thank you for the proposition @merefield
I’ve found that excerpts work correctly when not in titles.
The issue was in “display: grid;” style.
Probably it’s from my other theme components. Will investigate further.

Thanks again!

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The “image” was an avatar broken visually :slight_smile: My fault with styles - I’ve described what it was in previous comment. Thanks for the guessing!

It seems you have the theme sidecar plugin installed.

Could you try with this setting on (in plugin settings):


I just tried with an emoticon in the text and there’s definitely a nice cleanup if you use this setting.


Nope, I don’t use sidebar plugin.
Here is my general page view. It will be launched publicly soon.

Excerpts in tiles look ok with this CSS

.tiles-style .topic-details {
 display: block !important;   


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Looks good! Nice background :+1:

Note I said ‘sidecar’ plugin :slight_smile:

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Ah, sorry - I totally forgot about ‘sidecar’ plugin
- git clone -b "theme_sidecar"

Thanks! Will try with it too. Cheers!

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