Topic List Previews Theme Component

I can’t promise I can improve this behaviour as this is now a Theme Component and I have to rely mostly on what I serialised from Discourse. So date of tagging probably isn’t possible with the data available. It’s partly a result of simplifying this to a Theme Component. I went through this a long time ago and this was the best compromise.

There may be the option to add this additional choice when the plugin sidecar is added. That’s going to need to be a low priority.

I’ll have a brief look at the other issue when I have time, but again suspect this is native Discourse behaviour wrt to images.

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Added mild(?) highlight effect to thumbnails on hover in Tiles view:

Merge branch ‘beta’ · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme@fa46a61 (

Fixed space for new Post notifications: Merge branch 'beta' · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme@b900ead · GitHub

Pushed a minor improvement to the Theme Sidecar plugin to eliminate links and anchors in the excerpt to help mitigate risk of corrupt layout caused by them: FIX: remove anchors from excerpts too · merefield/discourse-topic-previews@98d3772 (

There’s an associated setting:



I had reported this in the old thread, but I did not have a way to reproduce this issue. Now I understand clearly how to reproduce it.
Middle click on a unread post link from homepage ( to open it in a new window. Or right click and click on open in new tab from context menu. Then from the newly opened tab go back to home page by clicking on the website logo at the header. When home page loads you will see the featured image component is not loaded. You will have to refresh the page for it to load.

This only happens when you open link in new tab and come back to homepage. If you left click and open the links in same page and come back it loads normally.

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That’s definitely an interesting edge case! I will see if I can reproduce that when I get some time. Happy holidays!

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Happy holidays to you too :slight_smile: . It took some time to understand how it can be reproduced.

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I have trun on topic list excerpts, however in my forum is just don’t have excerpts.

Have you added the Category?


Same goes for Tags:


I have same issue. Excerts works when sidecar plugin is on, and the component is off. Then I don’t get thumbnails. Thumbnails works if sidecar is off and the component is on.

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Working fine for me on fresh rebuild (and before). Please check you’ve added the view into the right setting.

Categories are not added by default, so if you want things to appear in all Categories, you have to add all the Categories, etc.

Only the main Discovery Topic Lists are included by default.

@merefield I had. And if there is different categories (tags etc. I haven’t tried) on the component and sidecar, nothing works — header section will be shown three times.

Anyway, only way to get excerps is the sidecar, and thumbnails works only via the component. And if there is thumbnails on, I can’t get excerpts no matter what. Because for me excerps are more important feature than thumbnails (images don’t generate any traffic) I’m happy.

Sure, it could be a conflict with other plugins/components, but I’ve tried that too, and there is not any issues. I’m on iPad right now so it is a bit difficult to find out if there is any JS- or similar errors.

The old plugin worked just fine.

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Sounds like a conflict to me, potentially.

The duplicated header is very suspicious - look for errors in console when you get chance.

I have it running perfectly on three different sites of my own.

I have try that (add all categories), but just not working.

Probably a clash. Investigate this by creating a Theme with only this component and build back up. Refresh browser with each change or change of setting. It’s likely you are using it with something it is not compatible with. It is not compatible with the News Plugin, for example. Please choose either one but not both.

Sorry about that but I do have the news plugin. Can this clash be fixed in the future? Both of them are important for me.

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No plans at present. There is no incentive nor funding to do this.

It seems it will oversize for some wired reason.

Do you get the same/similar issue with: Topic List Excerpts Theme Component - theme - Discourse Meta? (Run separately in a different theme, not together!)

I cannot reach your site.

I discover why it happen. It’s because there is a post, its content is a link, to show the link in full, then this component make it oversize.

So it works fine with the other component I linked? Please confirm.

I don’t believe this Component is at fault.

In any case I’ve already provided a solution: