Topic List Previews Theme Component

Thank you for your work! It works fine on pc. Can I get the thumbnails to not show full width on mobile devices (phones)?just like Pinterest does.


You could experiment with the css. That’s going to make each column too small to fit all the elements without distortion though I suspect.

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Thanks, I’m going to try it.

PR is merged:

@Canapin @raghukamath

I will find some time to work on remaining issues at some point, but as ever, PRs are welcome!

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That’s awesome. I’ve spent some hours in your plugin and theme codes to try to understand stuff.
For some reason my Discourse local dev install doesn’t work anymore and I have to reinstall all of it from scratch to continue to study this code… :sweat_smile:

Much thanks for your awesome work Robert. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to work and maintain it, but the results are top notch :+1: :clap:


Just to confirm, that the core improvement that ensures Thumbnails from remote images are created with significantly less delay, discussed here: Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component - #249 by david works with Topic List Previews too :rocket:

imho this is a bit of a game changer and will make using thumbnails even more popular.


Sorry, I was travelling and on vacation so couldn’t check or reply to you on time. Thanks for merging. I will check it once I get back to work.

Thank you :+1:t3:

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How did you get on with the changes?

There seems to be no issues and the change is behaving well. Really thanks :+1:t3:

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Thank you for this theme, very visual !

I encounter a graphic bug only in one of the categories.

Bug here: Fédération Française de Jeux de Rôle - Forums de la FFJdR

But not here: Nos services - Forums de la FFJdR

Do you have an explanation and solution?

Many thanks for your work.


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That appears to be rendering fine for me on both links? (Both on mobile and desktop views) What’s the issue? Do you see any errors in the javascript console?


The graphique bug is only on desktop view.
On Chrome, Edge, Firefox ( on 2 différentes PC )

There is a shift/overflow of images and user icons.

I have the impression that the images are too large.
Is there a maximum resolution?

But just in this category…

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Hmmm … I think it’s your Category title, is it too long for the allocated space, I wonder? … can you shorten the Category name, and does that resolve the issue?

We could try to wrap the Category title (PR accepted), but that’s the quickest solution that might exist …

Feel free to get into the weeds with the CSS to debug this yourself and report back.

UPDATE, yes, it’s this CSS from core, when I disable this in browser, everything is fine:

So, yeah, to expedite suggest shortening your Category name slightly or unsetting this in some custom CSS.

Do you really want to wrap your Category names?

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Is anyone else succeeding in getting Youtube thumbnails to make it all the way to their topic previews?

For example - this post (Particle Portal - Real Time VFX)

You can see that the youtube thumbnail is being pulled and used in the topic itself, but it doesn’t get picked up by the Topic Thumbnail. I’m going to try installing your sidecar plugin momentarily to see if the Thumbnail Picker will work/help

Edit - same issue for Vimeo, if that was ever supported

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No issues with YouTube videos on latest everything.

I just tried your link on a Staff Post on my site:


This is running the side car though …


Great, I’ll let you know if Sidecar fixes things for me - thank you!

Unrelated Feature Request

Would it be possible to fill the featured tiles with topics from the monthly “top” category if there aren’t enough tagged to hit the limit? This is how we setup our custom script, so it keeps the featured content fresh when we only have 1 or 2 tagged posts.

That sounds a bit ‘bespoke’ to me? I’d prefer it if you built that into an auto-tagging script.

This component is super complex already, I’d rather keep the behaviour to just picking up a tagged set.


One more question for you: I turned on the “Use the default thumbnail when a topic has no previewed image” option for a few minutes, then disabled it again:

However, all of my topics, including new ones, are using the default thumbnail. Is there anything else I need to do to reset those?

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Refresh the browser? Theme setting changes only take effect after a refresh.