Topic List Previews Theme Component

Oh that’s a bug, definitely. We’ll need to investigate that, good catch!


Excellent, thanks for the PR, merged!:

IMPROVE: like icon alignment when no likes by Canapin · Pull Request #16 · merefield/discourse-topic-list-previews-theme (



Is there a way to have a the thumbnail on the category page with latest topics as well?

Three challenges:

  • Im fairly sure thumbnails are not serialised here. Feel free to confirm. That could be overcome by enhancing the sidecar plugin.
  • when I last looked at this the structure of the page did not permit low risk overrides isolated to a leaf template. Generally we don’t want to override the whole page which might cause breaking changes or mask feature updates from core. A PR to core might help here …
  • Space?

Feel free to submit required PRs

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Fair points. I might choose another presentation for the category pages, maybe boxed or something like that.

I have another question.
Is it possible to have category pages (which contains topic lists) being displayed in tiles on mobile, but with thumbnails on desktop? I tried several settings tweaks but I couldn’t achieve this.

edit: I achieved it. I’ll detail how I did it a bit later in case it could interest someone else, I added this edit just so nobody spends time explaining me how to do it :wink:

So, If I’m not mistaken, here are the settings…

First we need the tiles display only on the mobile view of (at least?) a topic list:

Then the thumbnails for desktop AND mobile:

I was mistaked at first because I thought “tiles” and “thumbnails” were two different presentations of a topic list, both containing the images. but this is not the case. Thumbnails are needed if you want images to appear on a topic list, whether it’s a tile or not.

There is no need to manually add your categories here:

Since we’ll override this setting by enabling the following one:

Now, you should have small thumbnails on desktop in any topic list (latest, a specific category, etc), and a “tiled” presentation on mobile with large thumbnails:

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I have a little issue with my user profile, I guess this is a small bug:

Since it mentions the thumbnail, I suppose this is related to this theme component.

Still playing with this theme component by the way… And it’s awesome. :+1:

I have a question. Is it possible to prevent a topic from having a thumbnail, though the topic actually contains some?

Here’s my case:
I have a documentation category for which thumbnails are welcome.
But I also have a topic that just gives general advice when creating a new topic:

There is no meaningful image in it, but it adds a thumbnail automatically:

The only way I see to circumvent the issue is adding a random image at some point in the topic, and setting it as the thumbnail.


(but I admit it looks nice though…)

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Oh yes that localisation is failing and needs to be fixed. :beetle:

No, if there’s an image it will try to use one. Adding an additional nice one is the perfect workaround :+1:

This will look better for the consistency of your page layout too.

In any case I often use a featured topics Component (the built-in TLP one or another) to summarise those kind of posts at the top so having an image is quite nice.

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I am trying to restrict the thumbnail and tiles to a specific tag in addition to certain categories but it is not working for tags. Here is my settings page i only want tiles and thumbnails for featured tag. Can you please tell me if I am doing something wrong.