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Better tag CSS for tiles:

.tiles-style .topic-list-item .discourse-tags {
    display: inline-block;

With this they wrap instead of becoming hidden.

Also to stop the notification of new topics overlapping (@davidkingham) :

.tiles-style .show-more.has-topics {
   position: relative;

I’ll apply to a future release.

(Keven Naphtali) #252

I am using topic-list-social for my mobile view and topic-list-thumbnail for desktop, if I turn off hotlinking the social thumbnails are the same size as the topic-list-thumbnails, which is too small. Any ideas there? Thanks in advance.


Is about to be deprecated as per above early warning. Use tiles on mobile.

Tiles seems fine on mobile? (although the image handling is hardly different).

(James) #255

Could text posts (or posts without any image or video) not be affected by topic preview? It rearranges it and it doesn’t look the best when a topic doesn’t have a preview.

Or maybe is there a way for default for topics that have no image, purely text, to have a set thumbnail? Thanks.


There is:


Also, the default layout is there for you to customise, feel free to apply your own CSS to improve the look to your taste. TLP’s main goal is to deliver the data and the tags, what you then do with them to leverage that is also up to you to some extent. Happy to look at any glaring issues, though!

Also explore the ‘tiles’ view. This might handle the difference (image/no image) in a way you prefer.


Minor release today, those CSS tweaks for tags and new post notifications for tiles are now in the build.

@thwright @davidkingham @Brandon_Martus @bartv @angus

(James) #258

When you go to view a category, the topics have a preview. But, when you’re on the homepage (all categories), the topics don’t show a preview. (Yes I have enabled the default thumbnail feature as you aforementioned)


Add this discovery list too (whichever one it is, your screenshot is not clear, guessing ‘Latest’)

e.g. in Admin -> Settings -> Plugins :

(James) #260

That works, thanks.

Another thing I saw: when you view topics in a tag, rather than a category, it doesn’t show a preview. Which is odd because these tagged topics are also part of a category but yet they dont have a preview when viewing tags. It’s also odd because these topics appear correctly with a preview on ‘Latest’


Have you added ‘tags’?

(Sora &\) #262

Hello i am using plugin topic list preview show thumbnail to homepage, and now i wanna show tag to a column specific


Can Every body help me?
Do we setup in plugin or customize Css, thank you!


Please note there’s been a PR merge and a new version of TLP is available.

This is mainly a maintenance release which does a three main things:

  • Removes ‘Social’ view. Now there’s a responsive ‘Tiles’ view which can be reduced to one column by simply reducing the available width and which also leverages the same meta-data. ‘Tiles’ also now works on mobile. There was not much point maintaining both.
  • Removes a load of jQuery hacking that was used to switch the Social to Tiles format, so the code is now ‘cleaner’ and slightly easier to maintain.
  • Updates the CSS to avoid collision with core naming but temporarily this may break your theme, apologies:
    • grid becomes tiles-grid
    • grid-item now becomes tiles-grid-item
    • grid-sizer now becomes tiles-grid-sizer
    • gutter-sizer now becomes tiles-gutter-sizer
    • I think you get the idea :wink:

The PR also sneaked in a tweak to post badges moving them next to the title so look much better and more logical

Thanks to @angus for his time spent checking the PR

Next up, a feature PR!

(James) #264

A big mobile issue. This just started occurring today and I have no idea why. Everything appears scrunched up and overlapping each other :frowning:


Repro’d … sorry about that … whilst I track this down please consider switching mobile view to ‘tiles’.


Fixed I believe:

Please confirm.


Don’t think you could achieve that with only CSS changes.

Interesting idea. One approach might be to leverage the existing Category column option and move the tags with the Category? That would avoid a bigger impact to the code complexity.

It’s personally not a priority to add this but might consider it if the work was sufficiently sponsored and @angus was ok with the change.

Your best bet otherwise is to fork the plugin and create the new column but you will have override two templates unless you can come up with some jQuery magic to achieve the same thing.

I appreciate, however, the current CSS is quite untidy so happy to clean that up a little though. This view could do with a little attention.

(James) #268

It’s fixed, excellent!


Yay, new feature: “Featured Tiles”!

Pleased to announce a new feature for tiles view which takes advantage of the existing ‘featured’ system (and masonry).

If you enable this setting, all tiles tagged with the selected featured tags will appear up to four times as big taking up two columns, instead of one. It is enabled by default, so if you don’t like it, feel free to turn it off or simply remove your chosen featured tags from the tiles you wish to keep a normal size.


Remember, that it will take the specific tags from this setting:


You can list more than one tag in this setting and it will feature the tile if the Topic has at least one of these tags. Simples!

Remember you need to have enabled ‘tiles’ for that discovery list:


Please be aware that masonry does its best to lay things out, but sometimes small gaps will be necessary. The feature is currently only enabled on desktop/tablet.


Donations for the ongoing support of this plugin are very much appreciated (Select Topic List Previews). If you have an account on Angus’ site you automatically get displayed as a backer. Thanks for your consideration.

Known issues and enhancement requests are up-to-date on the repo.

@robotnjik, @shiva, @angus

News Plugin :newspaper:
(David Kingham) #271

I have a request related to tags, I’m guessing it can’t be done due to how discourse is structured though. I would like to see the tags route within a category follow the category’s settings for TLP. For example; I have tags set to tiles globally, but I have certain categories for discussion where I have TLP turned off, but when I select a tag within that category it shows the tiles view.

Tag within that category

Also, I have many categories set to order by their created date, but when I visit a tag within that category it doesn’t seem to follow this and goes back to sorting by latest. It’s hard to determine if this is a discourse isssue or TLP, but seems to be related to this topic Sort tagged topics by creation (or tagging) date

Thanks guys!

(Bart) #272

:100: We’ve run in to this as well - for the majority of our tags the tiles view does not make any sense.