Topic List Previews

(Angus McLeod) #21

Yes :slight_smile: Please review the OP, and give it a shot. If you have a specific question about one of the settings, happy to help.

(MKhalifa) #22

Thanks I set all configuration as described but still doesn’t show image on topic list actually I can’t really know what I did wrong

(Pad Pors) #23

great changes to the plugin :star_struck: and nice examples there … . happy for discourse users who have @angus and other contributors :clap:

just wondering if any of the following can also be done (currently or in the future) with this plugin:

  • featured tags (trend tags): adding a row at the top of the forum, where the most used tags are shown visibly there.

  • featured categories (trend categories), there’s a sample in if I’m not wrong.

  • horizontal scrolling in topic list, something like


Does it look any different to the default view? Posting a screenshot might help.

(MKhalifa) #25


(MKhalifa) #26


OK, your issue seems to be you’ve not selected the views for each style.

Mine looks like this:

Select the view you want to have that style to impact, then it should pop up above the drop down. Make sure you hit the green tick to commit. You can do this multiple times to add additional views.

All the drop-down settings work this way.

(MKhalifa) #28

thanks it works as i wish on mobile but it doesn’t on desktop i want it to look like mobile



The mobile views are rarely the same. Be sure to add all the features you need (thumbnails, excerpts) to each view you want them to appear on.

(Angus McLeod) #30

Yup! That’s a current feature. See the “Featured Topics” section of the OP.

Hm, this one might be outside the scope of this plugin? Unless I’m misunderstanding you.

Maybe! Sometime in the future. Not soon :slight_smile:

(MKhalifa) #31

thanks again i can make some changes now on the view i will try again to get it work with desktop view but Thanks for helping with the solution

(Per Torstensson) #32

Please consider adding rendering of emojis in the preview title and text, i.e. “:grinning: Topic title” now renders :grinning: Topic title.

Thank you!


Cannot yet repro. Just tested that exact text and is working fine for me in Tiles. What view style are you using?

(Per Torstensson) #34

That is strange :thinking:

For me, it looks like this

Not sure what view style refers to, but I am using a modified default theme


Ah, that’s on Featured images, not on the Topic Item itself?

Thanks for reporting. I’ve repo’d it. I’ll add it to the list ;). Not sure if this was ever supported but could be wrong.

(Per Torstensson) #36

Ahem, sorry for the unclear reporting :slight_smile: super happy to hear it made the list! :awthanks:

(Keven Naphtali) #37

Just installed Topic List Previews and I am enjoying the Featured Images part of the plugin, but only wanted it on my homepage so I implemented a little custom script to hide it on other pages, such as my map page from the locations plugin, in case anyone else finds it useful:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">
        api.onPageChange((url) => {
        if (url.includes('/map') || url.includes('/latest') || url.includes('/top') || url.includes('/unread') || url.includes('/new')) 


(jjaarrvviiss) #39

@merefield thanks for making the Tiles layout!! It works great on our forum here, we finally got it all setup and it works great! – kudos to you and @angus for this fantastic plugin :clap: :heart:


Oh that looks great! Well done on styling mods! :slight_smile:

Great to see you are using full size images so you get original aspect ratios. Performance seems fine.

(jjaarrvviiss) #41

Thanks! Your tiles CSS was a good base to work from!

Yes, the full size images works great, I’ve noticed it pulls in a resized image for each tile… so they are not full-size. They seem to be resizing to just under 500px for some reason, I’m not sure if that’s the plugin or if that’s Discourse core doing the resizing. But it works great for us!