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The Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component is a theme component which affects the entire theme. Whereas the Topic List Previews is a plugin that you can use for all or selected topics as per

Theme components can be applied to one or more themes and affects all the topics in a theme. This theme component does this:

TLP predates that component.

There is also a TC version of TLP (Which one to install: Plugin or TC? - Topic Previews - Pavilion)

They differ slightly in appearance and TLP has several additional features including the ability to choose a thumbnail from any post in a Topic.

That component does offer an additional view type not supported by TLP (grid), which is a bit like tiles but everything is in lines. No reason we couldn’t add it if there was sufficient demand.


continuing this discussion here as it doesn’t apply to the Fakebook theme.

anyway, as asked there, would the Layouts Plugin + a sidebar of choice + TLP (TC) be the better choice (vs. TLP plugin) for a new growing “social” community since there probably wouldn’t be enough content for the Chrome bug to be experienced? maybe that bug will be fixed soon anyway, right?

Give it a go? I never scroll that far in any case. When was the last time you scrolled down meta 4 screens?

It seems that the ‘tiles’ view is not working as expected for ‘top’ lists.

My settings:

The result (link):


OK i’ve just updated two sites, one with the TC and one with the plugin (e.g. this site), and neither is exhibiting this issue, so it’s starting to look local to you.

On the Top page are you getting a javascript error?

Could you try resetting the topic list tiles setting and then adding back your options?

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Yeah I agree it looks local. I’m getting no errors and the reset didn’t work. I’ll dig a little deeper.


I’m experiencing weird behavior in topic excerpts.
For the topics that were created before the installation of this plugin, the excerpt is created from the first answer in the thread, and not the thread’s body itself.
If I create some topic with the plugin enabled, I get the correct behaviour of having an excerpt from the topic’s body.

Is it a known issue?

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Hi @merefield - I would like to recreate a fakebook-like experience with layouts and the tlp component (i already have both installed and working fine). How can I create a single column by either (1) adjusting the tiles, or (2) adjusting the topic list?

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Only the TC will work this way as Tiles for TLP plugin is not responsive to sidebars.

With the TC you simply install it alongside the Layouts plugin and add sidebar widgets of your choice.

The TC is responsive and will drop to two or one columns automatically depending on number and size of sidebars.