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The structure is already there in the javascript of the plugin with the api.modifyClass('component:topic-list-item', { call.

You need to add your code in there that responds to the value of patreon_member_topic

See an example for toggling a class of a dom element using jQuery (although this relates to the total list in this case):

this.$().parents('#list-area').toggleClass('tiles-style', this.get('tilesStyle'));

We should probably take any further discussion offline via PM … :slight_smile:


Hi, Can I show “full height” of images when applying social feed arrangement? This is a screenshot from mobile page.

The original image is as follows:


That’s correct, only Tiles mode retains aspect ratio (but only when you show images scaled from full size and disable thumbnail generation - in the settings)

Generated Thumbnails are presently fixed size and mess with the aspect ratio. It’s on the to-do list.


Thanks. I am playing with this great plugin.


There will be more improvements to come. There’s currently a PR in @angus’s queue :wink: (but it doesn’t cover this I’m afraid - i’m working on something else at the moment)

(Sander) #90

Hi! Awesome plugin, it really upgrades the look & feel of my forum. Only one “problem” tho, I can’t seem to get it to work on my (categorized) homepage at Am I overlooking an option?


Maybe. The settings are in each category’s settings. Hit a category badge to bring up the category. Then hit the wrench to change the category’s settings. You will find them in there.

(Sander) #92

Thanks for the quick reply! I have found the settings for the regular (sub)categories, but the wrench-icon is not there on the homepage. For clarity, I have put ‘categories’ first in the ‘top menu’ setting, and also put the the ‘desktop category page style’ setting on ‘categories and newest topics’. It’s on these newest topics where the previews aren’t shown/working.


The global settings for normal routes are in settings -> plugins.

(Sander) #94

Jep thanks, and I have double-checked all the available settings. It’s just the homepage post-section (when selecting ‘categories’ as the homepage-template in the global top-menu setting) that doesn’t seem to ‘listen’ to the thumbnail-settings. It just shows the avatar of the latest commenter, instead of the image.

To give some form of other example, when I look at the example at the same issue seems to be present, where all pages have the thumbnails, but not the ‘latest’ section on the homepage. Of course I don’t know the settings of this site, but it seems to be the exact same case.

Am I making some sense here :smiley:?


To add thumbnails to the Latest route on the homepage simply add Latest to the thumbnails setting. It’s not added by default though the setting can appear slightly confusing when it’s empty. Remember to hit the tick to apply.

It should then look like this:

Suspect you might be making the same mistake as an earlier poster on this Topic (but don’t blame either of you, it’s not 100% intuitive).

All the multi-selects work this way.


I can not seem find the users avatar on tlp mobile viewtlp%20error

This is display properly in desktop view:


When the first time someone visit my site, the images seem to be in a mess for 3 seconds.
It happens only the first time they visit.
Some visitors deem that the site is broken and will turn it off within 3 seconds, when they visit the site for first time. Is it possible to fix that ?


Yes I can repro. Fixed and waiting for PR acceptance.


Can you share a screenshot? There is fix coming in the open PR to make the logged out view much nicer :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’ll try to repro when I have time.


Jacky, can you perhaps PM me a link to your forum so I can see it first hand? Thanks!

(MengyuLi) #103

Hi, Can we change the margin between two cards? I just tried to change .grid-item


Unfortunately, the vertical separation is currently hard coded to 6px, but the bottom one you can control with .grid-item and margin-bottom: 6px; which you could change.

Adding a setting for gutter I suspect will be additional development for the plugin.

Added it as an enhancement request on GitHub.

(T. H. Wright) #105

I am attempting to modify multiple topics (e.g. append a tag to multiple topics) and am unable to do so. Based on my install, the plugin appears to hide the edit button for bulk select in the default list view. If I disable the plugin the button appears, but with it enabled, the button is not generated.

A quick grep through the code for “(bulk|hide|display)” (targeting #bulk-select and any associated display CSS) doesn’t suggest it should be hidden. The following appears to be the relevant part of the code.

  1 {{#if bulkSelectEnabled}}
  2   <td class='star'>
  3     <input type="checkbox" class="bulk-select">
  4   </td>
  5 {{/if}}
178       api.modifyClass('component:topic-list-item', {
179         canBookmark: Ember.computed.bool('currentUser'),
180         rerenderTriggers: ['bulkSelectEnabled', 'topic.pinned', 'likeDifference', 'topic.thumbnails'],
181         socialStyle: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.socialStyle'),
182         tilesStyle: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.tilesStyle'),
183         tilesOrSocial: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.tilesOrSocial'),
184         showThumbnail: Ember.computed.and('thumbnails', 'parentView.showThumbnail'),
185         showExcerpt: Ember.computed.and('topic.excerpt', 'parentView.showExcerpt'),
186         showActions: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.showActions'),
187         thumbnailFirstXRows: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.thumbnailFirstXRows'),
188         category: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.category'),
189         currentRoute: Ember.computed.alias('parentView.currentRoute'),

Would you have any further recommended steps for troubleshooting I may perform?