Topic List Previews


That’s correct, Tiles and Social formats do not support bulk edit at present, it’s a known limitation.

But they do appear on views with the default style.

One workaround presently is to perform bulk edits within Category route with default view if you wish the main Latest route to have Tiles.

Added as an enhancement request on github.

(T. H. Wright) #107

Ah, sorry, this is for a category view (not tiles or social). I tried to communicate that by using “default list view”.

To further clarify, I have topic preview thumbnails, topic excerpts, and the like/bookmark buttons enabled on the category. I also have featured posts enabled.


I can’t presently repro that, this is an example.


(T. H. Wright) #109

I have the ability to select/clear the topics, but not the button for editing them, which is the wrench button with id #bulk-select in the top right corner.


Got it, you are quite right … that looks like a bug or a major formatting issue (i’ve not searched the html).

In fact I just checked a vanilla site of mine (without TLP) and notice that it’s placed way off to the top, weird.

Thanks for reporting.

Things are getting a little backed up with a PR in @angus’ queue at the moment … (I’ve asked him to review because of the size of a change I want him to be comfortable with).

(T. H. Wright) #111

No problem! I wanted to bring it up for an eventual fix. It isn’t a problem to disable the plugin momentarily, do whatever I need, and then enable it once more.


Thanks for your patience and your vigilance! :slight_smile:

Bug issue added to repo.

(T. H. Wright) #113

Thanks to @angus and you for the hard work!

(MengyuLi) #114

Understand. I thought it could be wider because I saw this site:


Great plugin guys thanks for the continued efforts.

We’ve tiles view on a specific category and it looks much as you might expect. When sorting that category by one of the available tags it goes back to a more traditional list style view. Have I missed something or does the plugin not support that function? If not, are there any plans to?


They have forked the code :slight_smile:


Have you added to tags route in settings?


I would say no :joy:

Looking at plugin settings though the only reference to tags I can see relate to featured images, there’s no relevant setting for tags under tags and I can’t see anything under the category settings or category tags. I’ve got featured images as a route setting but not tags.


And you might well be right ;). It’s probably a simple change to add as option.

I’ll add as issue.


When you said that I feverishly checked I was updated on everything, hate asking questions and looking like “that guy”. :joy:

Keeping that view whilst letting the user sort by tag would be a really powerful tool for us, thanks for the help.

(Stephen Chung) #121

Ever since the latest versions which change to SVG icons, the topic status icons are not lining up correctly.


This CSS:

.main-link .topic-statuses {
    line-height: 19px;

is causing miscalculation of the height of the icon. When removed, it looks correct:


(MengyuLi) #122

Someone break my heart…

(Per Torstensson) #123

You can fix it by adding the following CSS to your theme’s mobile CSS:

.topic-list .topic-actions button {
    padding-bottom: 20px !important;

(George Petrov) #124

There is a big JS error in the Topics List Previews plugin during the editing of category settings with the latest 2.2.0 beta 6

Hope @angus can solve it soon


I cannot repro. Can you please be more specific on steps to reproduce?

My category settings for TLP seem to work fine with no error coming up in the console …